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Grimshaw's Wolf & Coyote Musk

A truly outstanding scent which is compounded from pure wolf and coyote glands and other ingredients that are very attractive to the wolf and coyote. for somthing new and different, give this lure a try!

Grimshaw's Muskrat Lure #53

An oil based lure compounded from the natural ingredients of the muskrat. Muskrat musk, marsh vegetation, and other ingredients are added to this fine lure. A very popular lure with the Lake Champlain muskrat trappers. An all season lure.

Grimshaw's Muskrat Lure #63

This lure is very good for spring time mating. Only the fresh glands from muskrats are used in this lure.  The musk from the glands is properly aged and preserved to make a very fine lure.

Grimshaw's Muskrat Lure #73

Oil of Sweet_Flag_Here is a natural lure for muskrats. it is the strong odor of sweet flag roots which is the choice food of the muskrat. The odor is stronger than the flag root itself, luring the rats to the scent better than the natural roots. get a bottle and watch your catch increase.

Grimshaw's Muskrat Lure#83

Oil of Carrot_Here is a natural lure so powerful that it will cause every passing muskrat to stop and investigate your sets.

Grimshaw's Muskrat Lure #93

Wild Cherry_Here is a natural food lure for muskrats. It is the strong odor of wild cherries which is another choice food of the muskrat. Every muskrat trapper should have a bottle with his trapping equipment.

Grimshaw's Muskrat Lure #103

This lure consist of wild apple, muskrat musk, and other ingredients, to make a very good calling lure. Give this lure a try and watch the results.

Grimshaw's Nutria Lure #105

After several request from trappers, we blended together true odors of several marsh plants and roots, which are choice foods of the nutria, to come up with a lure that will catch every passing nutria on your line!

Grimshaw's Raccoon Lure #24

Raccoons are always hungry and looking for a free lunch.  A very powerful lure that will cause every passing raccoon to stop and investigate your set. very good for both land and water sets.

Grimshaw's Otter Lure #30

Otter are a very hard animal to lure and catch at a set. It takes only the finest glands and other ingredients to lure this animal to you trap. Try a bottle and prove it to yourself.

Grimshaw's Cat Lure # 40

A very heavy base lure made from cat glands and secretions. This will reduce the suspicions of the cat.


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