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Grimshaw's Mink lure #33

         This is a fine lure guaranteed to take mink under any and all conditions. Mink are one of the hardest animals to lure to trap. Very few odors are attractive enough to lure this animal. After years of testing we have come up with a mink lure that really gets the old bank runner as well as the average mink. Compounded from pure fresh mink urine with several powerful additives, properly blended to bring you the finest all around mink lure on the market.

Grimshaw's Mink lure #43

     This lure has many mink to it's credit and it is an old time favorite, especially with Adorondak Mountain Mink Men. Compounded from powerful ingredients, with oil from beaver oil sacs as it's base. Contains mink musk, beaver castors and other additives scientifically compounded to produce a heavy oil lure that will not evaporate or loose odor like the average watery lure on the market. Excellent as an all around all season lure.

Grimshaw's Beaver lure #22

        Grimshaw's guarantees his beaver lure to be the finest on the market. Compounded from only the heavy liquid part f the beaver castor, in a heavy oil extracted from the beaver's oil sac's, and super heated to remove excess water and impurities. It is aged for several months, after which we add fixatives and other powerful ingredients. This lurewill maintain its powerful odor for years and has thousands of beaver to its credit. Try a bottle and you will never use any other!

Grimshaw's Red Fox Call Lure

         This is intended for sub-zero weather. Place a few drops on a bush near your set, to help draw in the foxes in cold weather.

Grimshaw's Fox Lure #16

This is noted for its great calling power. It is compounded from the glands and secretions of the fox. It will call fox to your sets without arousing thier suspicions. Actually, this lure is intended for fall use, but it is good at any time during the year. It will attract both species of fox. When used in connection with Grimshaw's Fox Bait, you will have a record catch.

Grimshaw,s Fox Lure#17

A mating time lure. It is compounded from the glands of the female fox in heat and several other powerful ingredients, to make a lure that can be used any time of the year!

Grimshaw's Fox Lure#18

A very different scented food lure that is appealling to the foxes hunger, and will also arouse his curiosity. It will remain at your set for a long period of time. This lure is also attractive to both species.

Grimshaw's Red Fox Musk

A truly outstanding scent which is compounded from pure red fox glands and other ingredients that are very attractive to the red fox. For something new and different, give this a try.

Grimshaw's Grey Fox Lure #19

Made from the glands and other ingredients of the grey fox. Will attract even the shiest grey fox. Every fox trapper should have a bottle in with his trapping equipment.

Grimshaw's Grey Fox Lure #21

A food lure that is very attractive to the grey fox. Blended with other ingredients that will arouse thier curiosity, causing them to investigate your set.

Grimshaw's Grey Fox Lure #25

A mating time lure. It is compounded from the glands of female fox in heat. The grey fox will investigate your trap without fear. An all season lure.

Grimshaw's Wolf & Coyote Call Lure

This is intended for sub-zero weather. Place a few drops on a bush near your set, to help draw the wolf & coyote in cold weather.

Grimshaw's Wolf & Coyote Lure #26

A naturally processed fall and winter lure composed of the glands of the wolf. This lure is an old time favorite of the Adorondak Wolfers.  Will work as well for the ametuer wolf trapper, as well as the professional.

Grimshaw's Wolf & Coyote Lure #27

A mating time lure. It is composed from the glands of a female wolf in heat, with a dash of passion ingredient to make this lure very attractive to the wolf family.

Grimshaw's Wolf & Coyote Lure #28

This lure is a compounded food lure with other ingredients that are appealling to the wolf. It will arouse thier curiosity causing them to investigate your set.

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